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Ancient Egyptian Water Clock

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The beaker water clock
A manuscript depicting the
beaker water clock, dated
December 1315

The water clock was invented in Ancient Egypt. The water clock was used to tell time and to measure speeches in the courtroom. The inventor of the water clock was Ctesibius. He was a Greek inventor that lived in Alexandria, Egypt. Ctesibius just did not invent, it he also improved it by adding a float with a rack that turned a toothed wheel. He made the water clock make sounds like a whistling bird, bells, puppets, and other gadgets. Ctesibius lived and invented the water clock in the third century.
The water clock works in an interesting way. It is a instrument for measuring time by the flow of water through a small orifice. Hours were marked on the sides of either sides of the bowl that received the water. Some of the water clocks were different. They measured time according to the amount of water. As the water level changed, the wheel turned and indicated the hour of a day.
Water clockThe water clock was very important. It was used in the third century. We do not use them today. The countries that used them were Rome, Greece, and Egypt. But it was first used in Egypt because it was invented there. The first person to ever use it was a barber .He got to use it first because he was the father of the person who invented it.
The water clock was not the only way the Ancient Egyptians told time. There were other ways they told time. One we still use today is the Ancient Shadow Clock. Another way they told time was by using a device that had to be turned over every half hour. Those are some other ways they told time. There were reasons why they invented the water clock besides to tell time. They needed a easier way of keeping track of how long the people in the court room spoke. They did not want to turn some thing over and over again. So it was much easier to work a water clock than the other.
The water clock was a way to tell time. It was one of the best ways to tell time. It was much better then turning something over and over again. It was much better than wasting land using shadow clocks, and it was used in three different countries. It was a great way to tell time.



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